Two Things a Computer Does

Computers today serve a lot of functions, yet most people forget that they do what they do because someone skillful programmed the computer. Computers have definitely changed our lives and produced information far beyond imaginable several decades ago. Today, we have the internet, realistic video games, social media, and etc.

It’s interesting but they are all programs and algorithms created by skilled coders.

Not many people will know but a computer does just two things…They are:

The Financial Future of Japan

Japan is going in for a reality check on the current economy. With a graying society and retiring labor force with tons of public debt, useless public projects, and obsolete employment models, I just want to know why it seems like nobody here seems to understand that the standard employment procedures here in Japan is not streamlined to spur growth for the economy.

Ivory Tower

Heed the advice that an academic education is no longer a wise investment that can guarantee a prosperous future. When I went to school, the internet was just starting to pick up. Today, you can learn anything you want with will-power and a computer with an internet connection.

Never Judge Appearances

Great social case study depicting a homeless man in need of immediate help compared to a well-dressed man needing help. The lesson here to learn is to Never Judge Appearances; it’s bad for humanity as a whole!

This bothers me that people are more willing to help the well-dressed person. I really hate to say it but this IS THE REALITY we live in most places (esp. the rich materialistic places).

The youtube video above is an example of society’s actions towards the poor!!! Some people will argue that this just is the bystander effect but no; It’s clear that people don’t want to go near a person whose appearance is not neat.