Dslr Simulator

Canon Viewfinder

Now it is possible to learn the basics of photography without buying a nice dslr camera.

Underwater Photos with a Casio Exilim Compact Digital Camera

Going on many beach dives almost every weekend in Guam, I usually rely on my Casio Exilim point and shoot camera for my underwater photos. I have been relying on the exilim for almost 5 years now and regardless of what many people think about shooting high quality images underwater, the Casio Exilim is one of the most handy and high quality compact cameras I ever had for both land and water.

  What do you think? The following photos have been taken over the past 2 days.

Using Photoshop in my Works

Remembering the days when my father and I used to post process photographs in our little dark room at home reminds me how much the world has gotten technologically advanced today. I remember test mixing chemicals all the way to shading dark areas on negatives using a pencil just to brighten out an image when shot through an enlarger. Now… all of this can be easily done and manipulated to your own tastes using a computer and a software called Photoshop… which to my opinion is the world’s most used photo imaging software.

Guam Coastal Cleanup

Alan Ryo picking up trash


Participating in the 17th international coastal cleanup at Guam and I regret not taking all my video gear underwater. The reason I did not bring my gopro camera was because I assumed that I would be involved with some hard labor diving lifting trash and yes… assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

The Spyder 3 Monitor Calibrator Review

Spyder 3 measuring my monitors color

Does the Spyder 3 monitor calibrator really calibrate your monitor to the right colors? Yes! Not only did it correct my screens colors, it improved the quality of my work! As a serious aspiring photographer, I want to have trust in all the equipment I use. I use the spyder pro because it is vital for me and other serious photographers to view the right colors on my screen for graphic designing and editing my work. Otherwise, we’d all be over-saturating or under-saturating our photographs! In short, not using a Spyder 3 is like wasting my time on post-processing.

Timelapse Video used with a GoPro

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Using a Canon dslr and a GoPro camera, I was able to make a simple time-lapse from my home in Guam. Tell me what you think.

GoPro Camera for Scuba Diving

alan underwater in Guam

During the month of August 2011, my brother and I decided to film Guam’s underwater treasures with a gopro camera.

The problem with using a gopro camera underwater is that footage will be blurred due to the curvature of the housing lens.

However, as of 2012, the GoPro company fixed this with the Hero 3 that now uses a fixed flat lens for optimal sharpness anywhere on the planet!

With a little modification by placing a flat lens filter, I present to you the first of hopefully many videos of Guam Diving… (for my detailed review of the GoPro check my GoPro article!)

Review of the GoPro HD Helmet Hero


GoPro HD Cam

Hands down, the little camera from GoPro has proven its performance, quality, and durability despite its size and unbelievable low price for a HD camera. The HD video camera itself is really small but the little badboy can capture sharp, clear, wide-angled and high definition footage.

As the camera comes with a series of mounts, the 200 feet water-proof housing is easily mountable to almost any surface such as your bike, car, motorcycle, airplane and even your head, giving your audience a pretty cool point-of-view. To my opinion, there is no other way to safely and conveniently record your adventures in HD!