The Key to Success?

So a kid came up to me asking for advice as he didn’t know what to do with his life after failing an exam… This was my response:

Not knowing what you want means you are growing both mentally and emotionally as it is a normal part of life, but to give up and question your major after one failed exam is terrible.

I’d like to add that typical kids these days especially kids in 1st world countries act like they are so fucking entitled, they lack the motivation do to anything and cry like a bitch when things don’t go their way.

No surprise, but to anyone who has achieved success, they know that life was full of failures and disappointments; so a couple of failed exams won’t mean shit.  Actually, attending school, running a business, or even asking out a hot girl for a date will be full or rejections, failures, bans, and whatever… 

In short, life will give you a fuck ton of failures and this is part of growing up and learning.

Now for school, I don’t recommend it especially if you aren’t sure what to do. However, for those already in school, I would enroll in an exploratory program if you have one at school. This allows you to take all kinds of courses while not declaring a major yet. The catch is, you have to really get yourself involved in whatever you think is for you. Get a full taste of science, politics, macro and micro economics, business courses, and the list goes on. No one can do this but you. You and only YOU. If you can’t put in the effort. Drop out and travel and find yourself.

But for those that do have a purpose and a goal in school, going to school is similar to reading a really good book. The beginning of a book  starts out boring but as you near the middle and the end, the book was actually worth the read. 

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