Why quality gear matters!


When it comes to ensuring the safety of yourself and others around you, quality gear matters!

This relates to body armor, scuba gear, guns, climbing ropes, boots, knives, and even mountain bikes.

The following video portrays a professional downhill mountain biker that buys a cheap but good looking mountain bike from walmart. He stresses the bike through a rigid downhill mountain course but before starting the test, the first gut feeling he gets is doubt. He survives the ordeal but what makes the video very powerful and interesting to me is his personal responses through the problems encountered. Despite the loss of brakes, broken/loose bike handles, and more  he still had the determination to finish the bike “experiment”. The moral of the story is, if you want an average bike for simple point A to B travel, buy an average bike. However, if you want to go mountain biking, don’t risk it with a cheap bike. It’s not worth it. Spend a few more bucks to ensure your safety.

Remember this man definitely is a professional with a variety of skills obtained through experience. So to the kids watching this… please don’t do this at home.


It is not about winning

Some people think it is all about winning. Some people think it is always about being on top of the other.  What most of them lack is TRUST!

Let me say that people who lack trust are the most insecure. They feel that at any moment they will lose control of power, money, and status. They think their entire world is a “game” and must win no matter what. Those who think like that are dangerous.

Fortunately, there are people that do not think this way and uphold the highest standards in morality and respect for people regardless of status, creed, personality, and color.  Watch below!


Many honest people want to show their love through trust but it is those that break that trust that make the world an instable place.

Make no mistake that there will be people who will break that trust in your life but you should never ever falter to them. There will be lies, broken promises, and even times when someone won’t pay you back for something small or big. The main point here is: Never hurt another person by doing what they did to you.

Be a role model for others by doing what you’ve seen in the video and more people will love and respect you no matter who you are.