Did Gmail Suddenly Add 3 more Gigs?

Just a couple weeks ago, I was struggling to make sure my gmail account didn’t exceed the limit.

The Gmail Warning Bar

I had my gmail account 97% full with a yellow bar notification advising me to take necessary actions so that I could still be receiving email.

(Screenshot below was taken in October of 2011)

Gmail almost out of space notification barIt turns out that most of the mail that I have in my account is attached with photos dear to me. The photos are taking up most of the space with an average size of 3~5 mb. Most of my emails document my dialogue with family, friends, and associates which I don’t want to ever delete. With over 28,000 messages how in the hell will I ever find the time to clear my account???

What I Did

For a couple of months, I thought about deleting my entire Sent Folder but it’s just too precious to delete… So I decided to delete any mail that was worthless to me. I  also deleted the entire Spam Folder and the Trash folder but that gave me just an extra 1% to my account which didn’t help. I thought it was time to buy additional storage or transfer to a new Gmail account.

The Gmail Surprise

Google is full of surprises!!! Upon opening my gmail account today, I noticed that the yellow bar vanished and that I had about 30% lof space left in my account. At first, I thought Gmail was deleting my emails and so I checked. Nope… Gmail did not delete anything and I still had all my messages from 2004. I then looked carefully again and I saw this number: 10241 MB… it used to be around 7600 MB, I can’t believe I skipped that.

10 Gigs on GmailJust to confirm it a bit more here’s Gmail’s login page.

Gmail storage capacity

When Did I Start Using Gmail

I’ve had my account since Gmail was launched (ca 2004). I would consider myself one of the lucky first ones to actually get an account on Gmail and choose an account name that I wanted!!!

Although there is some advantages of getting a desired username, I thought that after 8 years,  gmail would succumb it to its storage limit but I guess not!

Thanks Google. Your free services are amazing!

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