Salomon 4D 2 GTX Cosmic vs the Quest

Salomon Quest Origins GTX Hiking Boot - Men'sThe market is filled with tons of hiking boots and all I wanted was a boot that is durable, extremely comfortable, and not heavy for my hiking needs. Fortunately, fate Salomon 4d GTX by a hiking expert. The only problem now was choosing between the Salomon Quest and the Cosmic 4D 2 GTX boots. So which one is better? I bought them both to compare. So let’s compare!

Salomon Unisex QUEST 4D GTX FORCES 2 Boots, Coyote, 9.5

as of April 13, 2024 6:02 am

Similarities between the Salomon 4D 2 GTX Cosmic and the Quest?

  1. Both hiking boots feel good and look almost exactly the same in form and ankle height.
  2. Both hiking boots are very light compared to mainstream hiking boots that does not compromise durability or quality.
  3. Both shoes have rubber protective caps that help protect the toes.
  4. Both employ a “4D Chassis system” that is designed to protect the feet from the elements.
  5. The boots are 100% waterproof thanks to Gore-tex lining which makes them breathable.


Differences between the Salomon Cosmic and the Quest?

  1. The Cosmic is lighter than the Quest just by a few hundred grams. (didn’t even notice the difference!)
  2. The Quest uses a combination of leather and synthetic material while the Cosmic uses only synthetic material.
  3. The lacing system on the Quest is all metal (stainless steel) while the Cosmic uses hard plastic.
  4. The Quest is cheaper than the Cosmic.
  5. The Cosmic’s color design is very high profile compared to the Quests which is low profile.
  6. Because the Cosmic uses more textile material, it is more breathable than the Quest.

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So which is better?

This actually depends on your needs. For me, I wanted something durable yet light. Note: some Navy Seals used the Quest during the Osama bin Laden raid. If these shoes are good enough for them, it’d be good enough for me. The Salomon Quest was the final answer for me. (Some years later, Salomon caught on and made the Salomon Special Forces Boot)

I would like to add that since word got out about these boots being used by Seal Team 6, Salomon took the opportunity to add a military line of the same exact boot. Check the Salomon special forces boot here!

Why is the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX more Durable than the Cosmic?

The partial leather uppers on the Quest seemed to be far more durable than the Cosmic’s synthetic nylon fabric. Although the leather makes the Quest a little bit heavier, it is not that heavy compared when compare to a heavy hiking boot such as an Asolo, which is very durable but also quite heavy.

Salomon Unisex QUEST 4D GTX FORCES 2 Boots, Coyote, 9.5

as of April 13, 2024 6:02 am

In addition, another solid feature I found on the Quest is the use of metal grommets for the lacing of the boot which is another key reason I got the Quest. Metal makes me feel secure than the hard plastic found on the Cosmic.

Plastic grommets as seen on the Salomon 4D GTX Cosmic
Plastic grommets as seen on the Salomon 4D GTX Cosmic

Cool Lace Locking System

The lace locking system found on both boots is very convenient for me because I no longer have to use a special lacing technique to tighten or widen the foot area. I find this system to be very convenient when changing the tightness of my boot depending on the condition of my feet which would swell at times after a hard climb making both boots extremely flexible and adaptable to various conditions.

What about the outer soles?

The outer soles for both shoes are of the same quality. They both use contragrip (good competitor to Vibram) and they seem to bite-in well to mud and most rocks.

4d chassis on the Cosmic which is identical to the Quest for more protection.
4d chassis on the Cosmic which is identical to the Quest for more foot protection.

The so-called 4D chassis system is designed to protect your foot/feet all over the boot from toe to heel. Note that the heel area is a bit wide but I find that it helps keep my boots clean because it is designed to guard against mud.

How Do they Feel?

They FEEL AWESOME! As far as the feel of the boot goes, both boots feel the same. Bottom line is that both the Salomon Quest and Cosmic feel great all around the entire foot and even much better in the ankle area when laced up properly. The solid support offers really good stability in the ankle without restricting blood flow.

Btw, the high cut boot feature on both boots offers strong ankle support that gives me the assurance that I don’t have to worry about spraining an ankle on a climb or a trail run on any given day wet or dry.

Last but not least, since these shoes are made to be worn right out of the box without any break-in time, I really felt like going out for a 5K run in them! I guess that justifies Salomon’s point of integrating running shoes into these boots!

Just so you know, after one year of heavy use with proper maintenance, they are still kicking!

Note:If you are a beginner with hiking boots, just know that hiking boots are the most used and abused gear for the outdoors. I have no doubt that the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX is a great boot for climbers of any level!

Salomon Unisex QUEST 4D GTX FORCES 2 Boots, Coyote, 9.5

as of April 13, 2024 6:02 am

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12 thoughts on “Salomon 4D 2 GTX Cosmic vs the Quest”

  1. Great detailed review
    Hi thanks for the helpful review. I was struggling to find any details esp on the manf website but yours has all the details needed.
    Regards from uk

  2. Thanks
    Hello Andy,

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

    The Cosmics definitely rock. I keep them clean after every climb and the Quests still look new after a year of abuse!

    Great boots.

  3. Mr
    Thanks for the great comparison!
    just a request, if it’s possible for you.
    could you please share your lacing technique?
    also I got the quest in same size as my normal shoes and end up hitting my toes walking down hill! I was wondering what size you got? do you recommend getting larger size (1-1.5) than actual foot size or am I doing something wrong?
    Under impression that I need a larger boot (that’s the comment I got in a shop after the fact that I had the toe hitting boot!:) ) and they recommended 1-1.5 size larger, which I don’t understand if that’s the case why manufacturer doesn’t mention anything about it?
    Thanks heaps.

    • Mr
      I am normally a U.S. 11 in all my shoes and boots, except for Scarpa, where I’m a 11 2/3, and Solomon where I’m 11.5
      So yes, my advise is go at least a half size up. These two companies don’t appear to stick to standards. I learnt the hard way and have a pair of Quests in my normal size and my toes are right at the end. I now just use them for working around the house, but not for walking. My Comet’s, a half size bigger fit perfectly.

      • Definitely Agree
        Hello Graham,

        Thanks for the comment and the advice.

        I definitely agree that Scarpa and Salomon companies don’t stick with standards. The half-size up for the Salomon Quests and Cosmics seem to be the ideal size.

        I just hope that all those reading know their exact foot size to begin with! 😀

        Btw, the Comets are also great economical boots that are similar to the Salomon Quests!

  4. Size and Lacing
    Hey Rez,

    Thanks for dropping a comment. I think the toe hitting the boot is due to your lacing. When going downhill, tighten the ankles. When going up hill, loosen the ankles.
    If you still have a problem, then size up
    The locking grommets that the Salomon Quest and Cosmic make it unnecessary to have a special lacing technique. But since you ask, use this: [youtube][/youtube]

    As with the size, go with a half size larger. I usually wear 10s but 10.5 is just about right.

  5. Great shoes, thanks for blog
    Hey AdamGo,thanks for this review. I appreciate the comparison btween these two boots. I just want to know if there is any break in period required? thanks.

    • Break-in
      According to Salomon, there is no break-in period.

      However, I do recommend that people wear their new shoes for a couple of days at home or to work to get a feel for the boot and break-in any hardness the boot may have.

      I just have to say that the boots feels great the moment I tried them on!

  6. Sheos for girls?
    hi adam, i was wondering if you have a review of this shoe for women? do you think the salomon boot will feel the same as you have wrote about? thank you!

    • They would feel would be the same. The only problem if you plan on buying a boot for men for yourself is finding the right size because men’s boots are usually a bit bigger.

  7. Thank you so much! Very Helpful. May I ask how are these two pair of shoes doing now in 2017? Greetengs from Argentina (Andes Mountains)

    • Hello Dario,

      Wow! the Andes Mountains!!! Argentina is a beautiful place… Envious of Patagonia as well!

      My shoes are still doing great! Despite the abuse it has gone through, the outer sole is still intact and the upper parts have typical cosmetic damage. I did have to apply a little shoe glue to a small edge near the toe area as I notice the edges of sole coming a bit loose but with proper maintenance, these shoes are still doing well.

      What amazes me all the time is every time I wear these boots, they feel good all the time! Must be the sole support.

      Thank you for the greetings!

      Happy Holidays and safe climbing!


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