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What is a Firewall?

To this day, I’ve tried all kinds of security software and to me it’s quite hard to understand the logic of computer viruses and security breaches because they are all man-made. However, despite the fact that viruses and hacks are caused by malicious users, we need to protect ourselves and this why I recommend using a damn good firewall!

The End of Blurry Pictures is Coming

Out of focus shots have been a problem for many photographers but fear no more… it seems that geniuses from Adobe have created a way to deblur images through just a couple of clicks.

Alan Ryo picking up trash

Guam Coastal Cleanup


Participating in the 17th international coastal cleanup at Guam and I regret not taking all my video gear underwater. The reason I did not bring my gopro camera was because I assumed that I would be involved with some hard labor diving lifting trash and yes… assumption is the mother of all fuckups.