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Matrix style using the GoPro

A couple of inspiring and creative dudes have successfully mimicked the Matrix “bullet style” special effects using a dozen of GoPro cameras.

What is a Firewall?

To this day, I’ve tried all kinds of security software and to me it’s quite hard to understand the logic of computer viruses and security breaches because they are all man-made. However, despite the fact that viruses and hacks are caused by malicious users, we need to protect ourselves and this why I recommend using a damn good firewall!


Nikon releases their Full Frame D600

Just got the word that Nikon has released their most compact full-frame camera. It’s called the Nikon D600 and it is going to have a 24.3 MP CMOS sensor shooting with an Expeed 3 image processor with the ability to shoot noise free up to ISO 6400.

The HD video feature is what I think is the most attractive because not only do users have the ability to have full manual control, the HD video focus system is automatic! We’re talking about a full-frame dSLR that can do full time continuous auto-focus while shooting HD video. Retail price is around $2600. Watch out Canon 5D Mark III!!!

HD-As15 on Helmet


先日のCEATEC JAPAN 2012で展示されていたSonyHDR-AS15
見て即「Gopro Hero  2 ライバル出現!」と思い担当者に突撃インタービューしました。

Purple lines
HD Video Camera

Problems Encountered with the GoPro Hd Hero2

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It seems like I found a bug on a GoPro HD Hero 2! For some reason, after taking several shots, my camera freezes and won’t do anything despite pressing on the power switch or shutter button. Is it my fault or is this a defect?


It is Called the iPhone 5

So yes, the new iPhone is coming out on the 21st of September and it’s called the iPhone 5. 

So what makes the iPhone 5 news?

  1. The iPhone 5 is physically different from the iPhones made in the past.  (it’s taller, lighter, and thinner than the rest…the back side is made with anodized aluminum)
  2. It’s actually 4G!
  3. The iPhone 5’s new A6 processor is claimed by apple to be twice as fast than the past iPhones.
  4. Better cameras for both the front and the back-end.
  5. A more intelligent Siri!

What makes the iPhone 5 suck? well kinda…