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Mt. Fuji to Erupt?

Some frightening news after reading reports of scientists from the National Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Prevention measuring unusual pressures Mt. Fuji’s magma chamber which was evidently influenced by the great earthquake of March 2011.

crazy spike

Some Types of Site Traffic


Just wanted to share some information on the types of site traffic I’ve been observing for a while. I hope this provides you with a good informative read.

9000 feet photograph

Top 10 Gear for Climbing Photography

As a climber and a photographer, one of the more important questions I get is what kind gear I bring to assure a successful and safe photo shoot while up on any mountain.

This blog will focus on my top 10 gear that I take whenever I go up a 2000 meter~ 3000 meter (6000 feet to 10,000 feet) mountain to take photographs during all seasons except winter. (The type of camera, lens, and tripod will be posted on another blog because you can’t just climb a mountain with only your camera!)

Note: I have over a hundred climbs and all of them have always been learning experiences on what to bring and not to bring so I hope this article aids any photographer interested in climbing up a mountain or going in the wild to take beautiful photographs.

Kamikouchi shot

Photographs Of Kami Kochi Japan

Out in the Kami Kochi area in Nagano prefecture in Japan, the opportunity arose to travel, reconnoiter, and photograph the northern alps of Japan for a mountain expedition.


GoPro Hero3公式発売!驚きの比較