Airdog X5 Air Purifier
The price for an Airdog Air Purifier is high but it...
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Is traveling with a smartphone a must? Will a smartphone...
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Oral Sex Will Give you Throat Cancer?

Michael Douglas the star of Wall Street stated that cunninlingus (the practice of oral sex) caused his throat cancer. I must admit that takes guts to mention but appreciate the helpful advice! 

Canon Viewfinder

Dslr Simulator

Now it is possible to learn the basics of photography without buying a nice dslr camera.


GoPro SDカードの相性

GoPro1では特に問題がなかったSDカードの相性・・・。HD Hero2になったらTrancsendで不具合発生。これは実験するしかないと記録しました。やられたー!とがっかりする前に購入前の方も必見です。

in queue just to go through the park in Ueno

Tokyo Sakura Craze!

This year is a crazy year for “hanami” (the act of flower viewing but actually more like getting drunk under beautiful cherry blossoms with close family and friends).