Proper Battery Care for Canon Cameras

Finally, the performance on my battery has gone down and brings me to the fact that nothing will last forever. Do I need to replace my battery? How will I know that it’s no longer performing optimally?

Using exposure compensation

Ever go to a shoot and noticed that all your photos seemed to be slightly over exposed or under exposed even if you had your light meter right in the center? Well,  it’s easy to fix that problem with a built-in feature in many Canon dslrs called Exposure Compensation… Don’t worry… it’s really simple. Just a few steps and you’re good to go.

Preventing damage to your focus motor lenses

Most of Canon’s lenses have full-time manual focusing that allows you to manually focus even if the lens is switched to autofocus. But for lenses that don’t have this feature you are required to switch to manual focus or you can damage the focus motor. Most of them are EF-S lenses. Which one are they?

Normal for Image stabilization to make noises?

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Ever hear some funny clicking/ grinding noises coming from your camera when shooting in live view mode. It turns out that the funny grinding noise is coming from the image stabilization (IS) inside  the lens… By turning the IS off, it eliminates the sounds completely.