5D Mark 2 Not to be Produced Anymore

The Canon 5D Mark 2 will no longer be produced by Canon any more. Although the official statement from Canon doesn’t surprise many 5D fans, Canon doesn’t really say why they discontinue it. My theory behind the discontinuation is because of the 6D and possibly the  the 5D Mark 3.

The Canon EOS 6D Compared to the 5D Mark 3

the EOS 6D Camera

The 6D camera is a new dslr on the popular Canon EOS line that features a full frame CMOS sensor that is cheaper than most full frame dslr cameras in the market. 

So for who and why was the 6D made?

The 6D is a Full-Frame dslr Camera for the Average Crowd!

Many Awaiting the Canon 7D Firmware

While the London Olympics are stealing all the attention during this time, there are lots of 7D owners who await the release of a new firmware that will unleash a ferocious monster out of the 7D!

Canon Customer Service

together again

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Canon is one of the world’s largest makers of dSLR cameras but to me, also one of the best in customer service and product care. I had to get my camera checked, cleaned, and properly maintained for shoots I have in the coming weeks.

7D Firmware Improves and adds 11 Features

The Canon 7D

Canon is going to be releasing a new firmware update for the Canon 7D in early August and it’s going to be a big one because it specifically adds and improves 11 features to power-up your 7D.

New Canon Products for 2012

2012 is a big year for Canon. Actually, it seems like 2012 is a year they released a lot more new EF products than the previous years. Let’s take a look at what they are.

EOS 1DX Compared to the 5D Mark 3

The new Canon 1DX and the 5D Mark 3 are both great cameras to have but before robbing the bank, we need to know which is better and  useful in a practical way.