5D Mark 2 Not to be Produced Anymore

The Canon 5D Mark 2 will no longer be produced by Canon any more. Although the official statement from Canon doesn’t surprise many 5D fans, Canon doesn’t really say why they discontinue it. My theory behind the discontinuation is because of the 6D and possibly theĀ  the 5D Mark 3 and the awesome 5D Mark 4 with 4k video.

canon 5d
It just so happens that many people such as myself have found themselves in a tight corner when purchasing a new full-frame camera these days. I still look up the 5D Mark 2 because as an owner of one it’s a great camera and I don’t really use wifi or GPS, and so on. All those fancy new features come in second in my list. What comes in first is that the images the camera captures are high quality. The 5D Mark 2 has proven itself since 2008 and because of its continued existence, it’s still in demand.

The new 6D Camera which is very appealing with its affordable full frame sensor, built-in GPS, and wifi, is a deal closer for many photographers. I’ll admit its awesome marketing by Canon and I really thought of buying it but then again, because of technology, these features can be added for less than a hundred bucks (I’ll show you how later!).

canon 5d 2
For pros alike however, we just want a camera that takes great pictures and the 5D Mark 2 that cost just 1500 USD or less is an awesome deal. As a consumer, because the 5D Mark 2 cost several hundreds of dollars less than the 6D, I’d rather use the extra money to buy lenses or buy some software such as Photoshop CS6 or lIghtroom that can definitely make your images better!
When you think about it…. The first reason we buy a good camera is to take pictures. But to take great pictures requires skill and experience regardless of the camera used. It doesn’t matter how advanced your camera is, it’s the skill of the person taking it. Period!
Also, a legendary camera that continues to exist on the shelves of camera shops that cost so much cheaper is eating up the competition from the 6D and the 5D mark 3 and this is why I think Canon discontinued its production.

Post updated in November, 2017. Was strolling around and visited recycle shop (used shot) and saw a used 5D Mark 2 going for around $800. I thought its price would go up due to its scarcity but I guess I was wrong.

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