The Perfect Case Study for Facebook Privacy

Ironically, as I was debating why I don’t trust the privacy settings on facebook with a friend on Christmas day, it seems that around the same time, Zuckerbierg’s sister had her privacy breached by having a private picture public. With the help of twitter, about 40,000 people saw the picture within seconds of it being tweeted!
Lesson: It doesn’t matter if you’re the sister of a co-creator of Facebook… No one’s privacy is 100% safe on facebook.   

Of all the privacy case studies out there, the “accidentally-on-purpose” privacy breach involving Mark’s sister is pretty epic to my opinion. Here’s an article from forbes for more info about this.

The Perfect Case Study for Facebook Privacy
As with anyone, I’d be pissed if someone took a picture of a family gathering and posted it on the net.
Facebook is sometimes cool… but just becareful what you post on it. Period.


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