The cheapest lens out there. The EF 50mm F 1.8 Mark 2

EF 50mm F1.8

There are a lot of expensive lenses out there. From the prime Ef 85mm F1.2 IS II USM that costs around $2,300 to the heavy EF 800mm F5.6 that cost around $14,000 dollars. It’s a no-brainer why photography can be an expensive hobby or a profession that usually starts many pros with a low profit margin! However, pro or amateur, one of the lenses that I highly recommend is the EF Canon 50mm F1.8 Mark 2.  This IQ (image quality) of this lens is just amazingly clean and sharp producing amazingly great images for less than a hundred bucks!

The best features of the LCDVF


Having an LCD magnifyer would really help with dslr video and I was saving up for a 300 dollar Zacutto.Z-finder. However, before actually purchasing the Z finder, I saw an alternative viewfinder for half the price. This viewfinder is called the LCDVF! Read what I think about it….

JVC Picsio GC-WP10A Compact Video Camera

The JVC Picsio GC-WP10A Compact Video camera is more of a mini-camcorder than it is a camera. The camera itself is waterproof to 10 feet without any external housing. It features a 3” touch panel screen and does everything from capturing video, taking photographs, and simple playbacks review.

The Spyder 3 Monitor Calibrator Review

Spyder 3 measuring my monitors color

Does the Spyder 3 monitor calibrator really calibrate your monitor to the right colors? Yes! Not only did it correct my screens colors, it improved the quality of my work! As a serious aspiring photographer, I want to have trust in all the equipment I use. I use the spyder pro because it is vital for me and other serious photographers to view the right colors on my screen for graphic designing and editing my work. Otherwise, we’d all be over-saturating or under-saturating our photographs! In short, not using a Spyder 3 is like wasting my time on post-processing.