The best features of the LCDVF

Having an LCD magnifyer would really help with dslr video and I was saving up for a 300 dollar Zacutto.Z-finder. However, before actually purchasing the Z finder, I saw an alternative viewfinder for half the price. This viewfinder is called the LCDVF! Read what I think about it….


Above is a picture of the LCDVF mounted on to the 5D Mark 2.

The Red eyecup you see is there just for better comfort purposes that comes with a brand new LCDVF.

Low Price

The LCDVF is very similar to the Z-finder and less than half the price. The LCDVF is on retail for $100, while the Z finder is on sale for $300+. But it does look cheaper compared to the Zacutto.

Secure Magnetic Mount

The LCDVF magnetically mounts on to a stainless steel mount. The magnet seems to not damage any of the electrical components of the LCD screen but it is recommended to keep the LCDVF unmounted if stored together with the camera for long periods.

2.8 X Magnification

The 2.8 magnification on the LCDVF While, the Z-finder magnifies the screen just 2.5 times.

More to comment on.

Just a note… I’m still on the field testing this very handy viewfinder and so far so good. The LCDVF really helps what it was built to do and that is with clear accurate focusing. The only problem I have encountered so far is that the lcdvf fogs up on me whenever I’m in a cold environment.

Overall, considering the price, it’s well worth it. Just a little anti-fog, and I’m good to go!

Pics of it mounted to a camera will be uploaded soon!


So yeah, I’ve used this viewfinder for several months now and here is the only thing I l don’t like about it.


The number one problem I have with this product is fogging!!! It’s winter and am a really warm-blooded person. That sums up an equation for fogging up the lens.

Because the LCDVF does not contain any ventilation, when the heat from my eyeball reacts with the cold magnifying lens, the lcdvf fogs up and it renders it fucking useless!!! This happens every time I’m out filming project I had. We can alway buy anti-fog or wipe it but I’m not down to that all the time. Anti-fog works but I have to  reapplying that shit everytime just to ensure that it doesn’t fog up. In this case, I rather view the screen directly with my own eyes.

Just An Extra Accessory?

The LCDVF or any other viewfinder maybe helpful in bright sunny days but I can definitely live without it. To me it’s another accessory to have that may help you see your screen better. Ultimately, I can work without it.

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