Proper Battery Care for Canon Cameras

Finally, the performance on my battery has gone down and brings me to the fact that nothing will last forever. Do I need to replace my battery? How will I know that it’s no longer performing optimally?


You’ll know when your battery starts dying out when it starts to run out of juice much quicker than before. For example, if your battery shows that it is full and then all of sudden it drops to one bar, then there’s a pretty good chance your battery needs to be replaced.

A Solution?

For rechargeable batteries, it is recommended to fully use the battery before recharging them. Using batteries until they die out will put the batteries through a complete cycle and help maximize their life.

This is something I do not usually do and it has costed me perhaps the longevity of my battery life. I have a habit in most of my shoots, to charge my battery immediately after a shoot. Although I have spares, I like to have all my batteries fully charged at all times.

My battery still works fine and I have not really notice any poor performances. However, for those who want to maximize the life of their batteries, I would recommend buying spare batteries and use the first one until the first battery totally dies out. Using batteries once they fully run out puts them through a complete charging cycle that maximizes their life span.

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