Canon 70D release date

The Canon 70D, which is rumored to be released right before April may feature a full-frame CMOS sensor! It’s quite logical to anticipate a new camera model of a semi-pro level coming out soon after the release of the Nikon’s new badass digital camera, the D7100. The anticipated date is March 26.

canon 70d

What’s even more exciting is that the semi-pro/amateur EOS series could actually be hitting the full-frame market after its unexpected success with the affordable Canon 6D full frame camera!

As the official successor to the 60D and the 60Da, Canon fans could be in for a surprise as the 70D camera could be contain features that are actively being sought out by demanding photographers!
Some possible features:

  • Full-frame sensor with an articulating screen
  • Built-in flash transmitter
  • Better and stronger built-in wifi range
  • Use a new processor Digic 6 or maybe dual Digic 5
  • Faster AF on Video mode

Updates will come so stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Canon 70D release date”

  1. no full frame
    70D has no full freame.

    Better processors but everything else is just like the 6D with an articulating screen.

    I hear that Canon is shifting towards building security cameras because of poor sales of digital.

    look up on that please.


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