Canon EOS M can Mount EF and EFS lenses!

The new compact digital slr camera called the EOS M made by Canon is a camera that can mount EF and EF-S lenses through the use of an mount adapter.
This compact camera first caught my attention simply because of its ability to use high quality lenses from Canon’s EF and EF-S family via the use of a Canon EOS M Mount Adapter .


In addition, not only is the EOS-M a compact digital camera, it is mirrorless!!! There is no max shutter life that makes it pretty much immortal for those who suffered shutter failure!

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The only possible drawback* is that Canon EOS-M uses an APS-C sized sensor and for some photographers who use full-frame for that work, that doesn’t cut it out for them  but if you use the 7D, the APS-C sensor technically puts the EOS-M in the same class as the 7D, 60D, 50D, and so on.
The Digic 5 processor is not something to mess with because that one feature puts it ahead of those cameras and makes it almost equal to the 5D Mark 3! *One drawback of using an APS-C sized sensor is that when compared to using a full-frame, full frame has better quality with less digital noise.


With full HD capability with autofocus (movie servo focus) and its powerful Digic 5 processor to help produce beautiful shots, what am I doing with the extra bulk when I can just carry a compact digital camera that can do almost everything a 7D can do?


With the EOS-M’s convenient body size and its ability to mount Canon’s high quality L glass, one must ask if there is even a need to carry a traditional dSLR such as the 7D or 60D out in the field anymore. I guess will see about that once it comes out for sale in September of this year!

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