Mt. Fuji to Erupt?

Some frightening news after reading reports of scientists from the National Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Prevention measuring unusual pressures Mt. Fuji’s magma chamber which was evidently influenced by the great earthquake of March 2011.


According to experts, it takes as much as 0.1 mega-pascals to trigger an eruption but the latest readings taken from the symbolic Japanese mountain was at 1.6 mega-pascals.
 So it’s good to have a record and these statements definitely make these experts sound smart, but  these numbers do not make any practical sense because volcanoes are physically/ geographically different. My point is, unlike blood pressure readings, there is no one standard scale for a particular volcano that can indicate an imminent eruption.
Any kind of pressure strong enough will be able to cause an eruption and since Fuji is a huge volcano, the 1.6 mp reading could have no serious imminent effect.   “Soon” and “imminent” are two words that are hard to define in geological terms because they can mean a year from now to anywhere in the next hundred years.
The only thing we certainly know is that Mount Fuji will erupt, but what we don’t know is when.

What to do?

An eruption from Fuji will definitely affect the majority of the Kanto area that includes Tokyo. If anyone wants to escape Japan, it would probably be very difficult because most commercial flights will be suspended due to the volcanic ash’s clogging effect on jet engines.

For me, I’m going to stay and experience a grand/historic volcanic eruption from Fuji. I’m also down to help out as a volunteer.

The best thing that residents of Japan can do is stay smart and be prepared. Just please don’t fucking panic and stock up on shit you don’t need like what happened in 3/11.  I’d rather equip myself and family with Survival Gearsuch as rain gear, shelter, warm clothes, portable cooking stoves, flashlights, a first-aid kit, cash, matches, and most importantly water.

If interested, check out this government English site that provides plenty of information on what to do if Mt. Fuji does erupt.
Remember, life is too short to worry about these things! Pretty women are probably more dangerous than exploding volcanic mountains!
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