Ergonomics of the 5D Mark 3 It Feels Good!

Just went to one of Japan’s popular electronics shops and got the chance to feel the 5D Mark 3 with my hands and this is what I got to say about it!

Ergonomics of the 5D Mark III Just like the 7D!!!

To me, the 5D Mark 3 should be called the 7D Mark 2 because it feels and looks just like the 7D camera!!! The 5D Mark 3 feels stong to the touch and I feel confident that it can take a few hits, drops, and maybe a couple of bomb blasts on the field.  Actually, I can already predict that this camera will be one of the best cameras for travel photography in the coming years. Check out some of the images I took at a shop!

5D3 FeelBtw, if you don’t have the opportunity to feel a 5D Mark 3, I would suggest checking out the feel of 7D because the ergonomics are the same.

The Rear (or the ASS of the camera)!

The rear side of the camera or what I like to refer to as the ass of the camera is very similar to the 7D (see below). If it wasn’t for a few extra buttons, I really couldn’t tell the difference at all. Btw, the screen is bigger but not that noticeably big.

5D III Rear Side

Things I liked!


I was actually quite impressed with the viewfinder of the 5D Mark 3 because it looks like I was looking through a HUD display of a fighter jet.

High ISO Quality

Another cool thing about the new 5D is the ISO. I bumped up the ISO up to 25600 and I didn’t see any noise from the lcd screen. (I know its hard to tell from the screen versus the computer monitor but it was still very impressive!!!)

Dual Card Slots

Finally, the dual card slots… It’s so slim it I didn’t notice it at all!!!  Every camera needs to have this because not only does it add extra storage space, you can use one for backup just in case one card fails during a photo shoot!!!

5D 3

The things I didn’t like!
Mode Dial Lock Guard

This is probably personal preference but I never liked the mode dial lock guard on the 60D camera. If you don’t know what i’m talking about,  the mode dial on the 5D Mark3 works the same way as the 60D, meaning every time you want to switch modes, let’s say from AV mode to Manual mode, you have to push a button to release the lock on the dial to change to a preferred mode. Some like it and they have good reasons to but for me, I don’t like the lock.

Cheap Shutter Sound

This may have nothing to do with the performance and quality of the camera’s pictures, but the sound of the 5D’s shutter sounds a bit cheap when it reflexes to take a shot. Maybe its just me but when I shoot in burst mode of it’s max rate of 6 frames/second, the shutter sounded like it was going to fall apart!!!

I’ll probably get used to it given the 5D’s enormous photo and HD videos capabilities. However, I really wish it sounded more like the 7D’s silent shutter.

Btw, here’s a bonus image of the 5D Mark 3’s beautiful full frame sensor!

5D Mark 3 Full Frame Sensor Image
If you’re interested with the 5D, check out my post on why I’d rather buy the 5D MK III than the 1DX.

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  1. 7D Mark 2
    Most definitely agree that the name “5D Mark 3” is wrong. It should be called the 7D Mark 2 because this camera is just like the 7D but with a full frame sensor.


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