GoPro Wifi BacPac Finally Ready for April

The hype is definitely high and it seems as if the long awaited GoPro accessory, the GoPro Wifi BacPac, is going to be out some time in the month of April! Although the exact date is still unknown, April is the target month. This is why I think so!
It’s already March 27. In the past two months since January, GoPro would change the release date of the wifi-bacpac at least a week before the start of the month. However, this time, there is no change!!! Just for referential purposes, here is some evidence through some of my past blogs of mine. Notice the dates when they were posted!

(Update 4/17/2012: GoPro Wifi BacPac expected release changed for the fourth time! )

  1. Delay with the GoPro WiFi BacPack? (1/17/2012)
  2. Wifi-BacPac for GoPro is Coming Soon (2/19/2012)
  3. GoPro Wifi BacPac Delay Again? (2/24/2012)

Now, with only 4 days left to April, it’s highly likely that this badass GoPro accessory will be ready for sale soon!

GoPro having Problems with the Wifi bacpac?


  1. Further Delays?
    Now the website states Spring? How long will that be? And more important where is the problem? Is it unfixable? Will there be a decent product eventually?

    • Response to Further Delays
      The website ( states some time in APRIL.
      However the official gopro site now says Spring!!! Unbelievable!

      It’s still April 16 and we got about 2 weeks left until the end of this month.

      I would start asking these questions when May comes in. As for now, I’m just going to wait.

      For the problems that GoPro might have, I would suggest reading this link.

      BTW, thanks for your input on this. We’re all waiting for this release.


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