EOS 1DX Compared to the 5D Mark 3


The new Canon 1DX and the 5D Mark 3 are both great cameras to have but before robbing the bank, we need to know which is better and  useful in a practical way.

To know the answer to this, I have set up a simple list comparing the two dSLR cameras:

Similarities between the 1DX and the 5D Mark 3

  1. Full Frame CMOS sensor.
  2. Same Sized 3.2 Inch LCD Clear View II Screen.
  3. Both use the Digic 5+ Processor
  4. 61 High Density Focus Points (Click to see why its not needed to my opinion)
  5. Manual HD Video Exposure controls.
    (BTW, the 5D Mark 3 has alread made some great videos at  really high ISOs)
  6. Both have the same HD video frame rates at the given video settings 24fps, 25fps, and 30fps at 1080P.  60fps, 30fps for 720P.
  7. Almost perfect field of view in the viewfinder
  8. Multiple Exposure settings.
  9. Built-in Chromatic Aberration and distortion correction.
  10. Great ergonomics… (Check out what I have to say about the feel of the 5D Mark 3)

Now what makes the 1DX different and more expensive from the 5D Mark III?

Differences between the 1DX and the 5D Mark III

  1. 2 Digic 5+ Processors are used to in the 1DX. The 5D Mark 3 uses only one.
  2. Another extra processor, the Digic 4, is used on the 1DX! It’s used for ISA (intelligent subject analysis).  So that makes the 1DX use a total 3 processors compared to the Mark 3 that uses only one.
  3. Rapid Fire machine gun style photo shooting of 14 frames per second on the 1DX compared to the 5D’s 6 FPS…
  4. 400,000 cycles of shutter life compared to the 5D Mark 3‘s expected 150,000 cycle shutter life. (from experience and how you use your camera, shutter life can last longer than that but the numbers stated are those that Canon tested up to. If you’re looking for durability, the 1DX is far more durable with it’s extra 250,000 shutter life.)
  5. Higher ISO capabilities on the 1DX (50 to 204800 ) compared to the 5D’s (50-102400).
  6. The 1DX has dual CF only card slots. The 5D Mark 3 also has 2 card slots but one is for CF cards and the other SDXC cards. Having two slots is always convenient for more storage and for data backup.
  7. 1DX uses up to 18.1 megapixels while the 5D uses up to 23.1 megapixels. I think the reason for the lower megapixel count for Canon’s 1Dx is probably because of the the killer rapid burst shooting of up to 14 fps. I don’t think the 1DX is technologically capable of processing 14 images @ 23 megapixels in a second.
  8. Different body design…. the 1DX is bulkier and heavier than the 5D Mark 3.
  9. Different batteries and battery power system.
  10. Price… EOS 1DX will retail around $6,799, while the 5D Mark 3 will cost about $3,500.

So which camera should I buy? Click here for help deciding!

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