The Canon EOS 6D Compared to the 5D Mark 3

The 6D camera is a new dslr on the popular Canon EOS line that features a full frame CMOS sensor that is cheaper than most full frame dslr cameras in the market.

So for who and why was the 6D made?

The 6D is a Full-Frame dslr Camera for the Average Crowd!

Right now, the estimated retail price for the 6D is going for about $2,100. The 5D Mark 3 is going for about $3,499. If you get the new 6D camera, you save about $1,400, sparing you the cash to get that awesome EF 24-70 F2.8 Mark 2 lens.

But, if both cameras are full-frame then how is the 5D Mark 3 better and more expensive than the 6D?
the EOS 6D Camera

What Makes The 5d Mark III More Expensive Than The 6D Camera?

  1. The 5D Mark III uses 22.3 megapixels compared to the 20.1 megapixels the 6D uses. (5D Mark 2 comes right in between with 21.1 megapixels. )
  2. The 5DM3 features 61 AF Points while the 6D only has 11 focus points. (the 5D Mark 2 only has 9 focus points). 
    Why I don’t really care about dslr Focus Points!
  3. Continuous photo shooting of 6 frames per second on the 5dm3 where the 6D only fires at 4 frames per second, which is quite slow.
  4. 5D Mark 3’s ergonomics have a better feel for “man-hands” . (The 6D is a bit on the compact side and is really similar to the 60D.

6D side ports of AV output.Canon is innovating their EOS line by focusing on special built-in features that makes the 6D a very versatile full-frame camera presented in the market right now. Photographers will no longer need to buy expensive external components such as a GPS device or a wireless transmitter pack so yes, the 6D could be an affordable and very useful dslr full-frame camera for the average crowd to date. But is it really so?

New Awesome Key Features on the 6D Not Found On the EOS Canon Line

  1. Built-in wireless transmitter so you can send photos immediately to SNS sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even your own website. This will be great for journalists and self reporters out in the field!
  2. Built-in GPS receiver  so you can geo-tag your photos on a map.
  3. Reflection resistant 3.0 inch screen that reduces the glare on those bright sunny days.
  4. Does not use CF cards but uses and is compatible with all SD card types (SD, SDHC, and SDXC card).
  5. Very lightweight at only 24 oz (680g or 1.5 pounds).
  6. Has a built-in secondary battery to keep date and time instead of using the old CR1616 Lithium battery.

Key Similarities Between The 6D And The 5D Mark III:

  1. Both cameras use Full Frame CMOS sensors.
  2. Each camera uses the same Digic 5 processor.
  3. Both Have Multiple Exposure Settings.
  4. Same video frame rates at the given HD and SD video settings 24FPS, 25FPS, and 30FPS at 1080.  60FPS, 30FPS for 720P. 30 fps and 25 fps at 480P (standard!)
  5. No built-in flash.
  6. Uses the same LP-E6 Battery that is Compatible with the 7D, the 5D Mark 2 and 3, and the 60D and 60Da cameras!

EOS 6D Size Difference Compared To the 5D Mark III?

Compared to the 5D Mark 3, the 6D is slightly smaller and significantly lighter than the 5D Mark III. So that means the size of the 6D is somewhere in between the EOS 60D and the 5D Mark 3!  Here are the approximate dimensions of the 6D:
5.7 x 4.4 x2 .8 inches and approximately 26.7 ounces.

Here are the approximate dimensions of the 5D Mark 3:
6.0 x 4.6 x 3 inches and 33.5 ounces.

Control Configuration of the 6D

The control configuration and ergonomics on the 6D is very similar to the 60D (no joystick and less buttons). It’s highly probable that the new and current EOS control configuration could be a pain for most old school Canon users but it’s actually more simplified and not that difficult to use at all. See the image of the backside of the EOS 6D below.
Canon 6D back controls similar to the 60D

What Is The EOS 6D Made Out Of?

The exterior of the EOS 6D  front and back cover is made of magnesium alloy, while the top section of the camera is made out of polycarbonate resin and glass fiber. The sides and the bottom of the 6D is made out of polycarbonate resin.

Only Disappointment

With all this going, my only disappointment is that the 6D doesn’t have 100% viewfinder coverage like the 7D but then again, most cameras on the EOS line don’t have 100% coverage. I have to emphasis however that the built-in GPS and W-Fi features of the 6D sets it apart from the other EOS cameras anit’s main competitor, the Nikon D600.

I think we’re going to see a lot more amateur/enthusiast photographers shooting like they are super pros in the near future because the budget full-frame 6D camera will definitely be much more affordable compared to other full frame cameras. Also the cameras built-in Wifi could spark a stronger digital revolution in sharing a lot more “instant” photos online through DSLRs!

Instead of buying that 1000 dollar wifi transmitter that is sold separately as an accessory, more people who buy the 6D will be able to transmit photos live on-the-spot to the online world. So the question remains, should we get the 6D?
I think I’m going to get one, and use the remaining cash to buy the neat and compact digital camera that uses Canon dslr lenses, the EOS-M!! Will just have to wait until the 6D ships out in December of 2012!
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(Images are Courtesy of Canon)
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  1. yeah it looks like

    Not sure but because of its really light weight, I believe the 6D body is plastic… quite similar to the 60D body.

  2. dont need fullframe
    fullframe not needed all time. always skillbeofre camera. only thing you need is intelligcent and skill.

  3. Full frame needed
    Full Frame rules. Obviously those who say otherwise dont know what they are talking about. Full frame is cleaner and betterand no 1.6 cropping.

  4. who cares if plastic or metal
    [quote name=”Kim”]No. for a full-frame camera, the body is totally metal[/quote]

    kim, are you sure? plastic is the better substitute for cameras these days. A lot of people say that the metal offers more protection when dropped but it depends how you drop your camera. any camera will survive a 3 foot fall. No camera will survive a 50 foot fall. My advice, enjoy the lighter weight and take good care of your camera.

  5. Thanks for the comments
    Hey everyone,

    I’m really surprised with everyone’s input and thank you for taking the time to say something. We always can learn from others.

    I really think the 6D will become really popular among many amateurs because of it’s full-frame sensor and built-in features (e.g. wifi).

    I’ll let you guys know if the 6D body is metal or plastic. Off-the-bat, I just know right now that the camera, just like most Canon dslrs will be made (manufactured and assembled) only in Japan (unlike Nikon and others) and the lens mount is guaranteed to be made of metal.

    It really seems Canon has been trying to lower the weight of their dslrs so that everyone (not just pros) can get into awesome photography and beautiful HD video.


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