The Tokyo Sky Tree Drink

While out and about with some friends in Tokyo, I enjoyed a special alcoholic drink offered at an izakaya. The name of the poison:. The Tokyo Sky Tree Tower!
At first,  I thought it pretty cool to name a drink after a symbolic stucture in Japan. Not just that, I was surprise to see that the drink really resembles the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower which is currently the tallest tower in the world. To note: As a building, the Tokyo Sky Tree ranks second just after the Bhurg Khalifa in Dubai but as a bar drink, I’ve come to realize that the cold alcoholic beverage I had in my hand was the tallest one in the house!
For a bar drink, the Tokyo Sky Tree is definitely a drink for the ladies because of its sweet taste and totally cool sexy design. I highly recommend this for all you horny guys out there taking the ladies out because this is definitely the drink you should get for the girls! As for me, the main reason I ordered the drink was because I got tired of drinking 5 fucking beers in a row and wanted to taste something different. Surprisingly, in doing so, I got something really pleasant!

Why Does It Glow? How Does It Taste? And How Do You Drink The Sky Tree Tower?

The drink uses an artificial battery powered ice cube that glows to give that special blue-purplish illuminating effect. I have to add here that the waitress specifically told me to not take the glowing ice cube home, which I thought was funny considering a lot of drunk patrons take the mesmerizing ice cube home lol!  Furthermore, that cone you see above is edible and to my surprise was filled with delicious creamy ice cream. Right  below the cone is some cool whip with freshly cut lemons surrounding the base of the cone hanging on the rim of the glass. For overall taste, I would say the drink tasted similar to a really sweet Mojito.

Tokyo Sky Tree Drink!Oh yeah I almost forgot but when I first saw the Sky Tree bar drink, I had no clue how to drink that sucker. I was at a dilemma! It was either eat the cone and let the ice melt and water-down the drink, or drink the beverage and get all messy. For those of you who know me, you know which option I chose!

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5 thoughts on “The Tokyo Sky Tree Drink”

  1. Funny read good pic
    Bro, always fun hanging with you. I don’t even remember that drink. I think I was gone by the time that came. Funny read and nice pic. Send it over to me.

  2. Only in Japan
    They are definitely creative when it comes to food! Only in Japan!!! Btw, how is the view from way up there on the sky tree?


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