Normal for Image stabilization to make noises?

Ever hear some funny clicking/ grinding noises coming from your camera when shooting in live view mode. It turns out that the funny grinding noise is coming from the image stabilization (IS) inside  the lens… By turning the IS off, it eliminates the sounds completely.

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So is it normal for Canon’s image stabilization to make noises? YES IT IS!

Nothing to worry about because it’s considered natural. However, do we need it? It’s all subjective.

Having image stabilization is helpful for taking steady shots without the use of a tripod because it gives you the ability lower your shutter speeds from 2 to 4 stops.

However, the downside is that the IS tends to make noises when filming!


When recording in a really quiet room while using the image stablization, the internal mic can easily pick up crackling sounds. Therefore, it is recommended to use an external recording device like the Zoom  Audio recorder. Or just turn off the IS.

Image stabilization is great for photographers but for film makers it’s not really needed. If you really want smooth stable recordings, it’s best to get a tripod with a fluid moving head or a camera stabilizer that allows you to take smooth video.

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5 thoughts on “Normal for Image stabilization to make noises?”

  1. Normal for Image stabilization to make noises?

    I don’t hear grinding noises but I do hear strange high pitched noises from my canon camera whenever I turn it on and off. Is this normal?

    • yeah it’s normal!
      Hello Frank,

      That’s normal. That high pitched noise you hear is from the sensor cleaning system of your camera. You must have it set to auto-clean.

      If the sound really does bother you, turn the automatic cleaning off. The sound will go away but your sensor could get dirty through the accumulation of dust overtime.

      Btw, you should consider yourself lucky with a loud sensor cleaning. In theory, the louder the better the cleaning.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you

    U gave really gave me a sense of relief because I really thought my lens was broken! These lenses are not cheap!


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