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Mt. Fuji to Erupt?

Some frightening news after reading reports of scientists from the National Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Prevention measuring unusual pressures Mt. Fuji’s magma chamber which was evidently influenced by the great earthquake of March 2011.

Japanese Diver Found Alive

One diver found dead

According to the Japanese Newspaper, the Asahi Shimbun, the body of one of two divers who were missing since February 14 has been found. At around 18:10 2/18/214, locals have found a body believed to be that of one of the missing divers.

(As of 2/20/2014, Indonesian authorities have called off the search for the last missing diver.)

As sad as this may sound, to me, no body means there is still hope!

Amazon Kindle Delayed by FCC

The new high-end Amazon Kindle is lacking FCC approval to start selling. I find this awkward because before product press releases, many companies first get the approval from the FCC to avoid redundant disclaimers.
 This could be a marketing stint and if it is, it is working because of the Kindle’s super cool thin 4G LTE modem that the FCC has never seen before.

Lenovo Idea Pad

Apple to release iPad3 in March?

The most valuable tech company in the world will be doing it again with it’s lavish presentation and legendary marketing skills that awe the consumer tech world. Although Jobs who’s no longer with us has done a great job with bringing Apple up to it’s revered global status, it’s now up to Cook to build his own legacy for the company and navigate it through the jungle of growing competition. Now it seems imminent that Apple will be launching a successor to the iPad2 in March. As of now, it’s all speculation but it’s very likely!

Spyder 3 measuring my monitors color

The Spyder 3 Monitor Calibrator Review

Does the Spyder 3 monitor calibrator really calibrate your monitor to the right colors? Yes! Not only did it correct my screens colors, it improved the quality of my work! As a serious aspiring photographer, I want to have trust in all the equipment I use. I use the spyder pro because it is vital for me and other serious photographers to view the right colors on my screen for graphic designing and editing my work. Otherwise, we’d all be over-saturating or under-saturating our photographs! In short, not using a Spyder 3 is like wasting my time on post-processing.


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