GoPro App released!

Finally, the GoPro App for Apple mobile devices has been released today. It allows you to see what your gopro sees and best of all it’s FREE!
As of now, only Apple devices can use the GoPro app. The app for the Android is still in development.

Why use the GoPro App?

The Apple app now allows GoPro Hero 2 users FULL control over the GoPro camera via any Apple mobile device. In addition to that, the GoPro app allows its users to have live-view mode so you can see what your camera sees from a distance. That’s what I think we’ve all been waiting for!!!

How to use the App?

Using the GoPro app is fairly simple. All you have to do is download the app from the apple store: and install it to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Make sure your GoPro Hero 2 has the latest firmware update too because the camera will have problems without the update. GoPro app update for Camera.

Finally, make sure the wifi-bacpac is attached securely to your camera, is on, and can be found with your wifi device. Now all you got to do is connect and control! Have fun!!!

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