Airdog X5 Air Purifier
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Is traveling with a smartphone a must? Will a smartphone...
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Personal Development

Ways to Expand Your Creativity

Feeling old? Is life boring you to hell? You could be suffering from horizontitis! lol, Horizontitis is a condition in which people affected have a limit to their horizons. This could be dangerous because horizontitis leads to a lack of creativity. Not being creative can significantly raise the risk of leading to a path to ultimate failure for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced political leader, chess master or a well known artist. Here are some tips that can help expand your horizons and defeat horizontitis*! . )

What is causing the iOS vulnerablity

A simple mistake found in Apple’s source code seems to be causing all the fuss with Apple’s OS. Macbook, Airs, ipads, iPhones but and other Apple devices. However simple it is, this small mistake makes Apple computers vulnerable to eavesdropping and spying. It breaks SSL encryption and just basically allows anyone to see your data.