Ivory Tower

Heed the advice that an academic education is no longer a wise investment that can guarantee a prosperous future. When I went to school, the internet was just starting to pick up. Today, you can learn anything you want with will-power and a computer with an internet connection.


Considering the fact that the average tuition at a competitive university costs about four luxury cars, we have to ask ourselves if it is really worth it?
The academic education industry has become a full fledged business focused on making profits. Makes me cringe seeing a Chancellor of a big university living in a luxury mansion while kids these days are really struggling to pay off their debts.

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4 thoughts on “Ivory Tower”

  1. Go to Canada
    Canada is the place to go for an education!
    Education in the USA is a legal scam. What can you do with a 50K debt as jobless 23 year old? It will ruin the nation again as did the subprime crisis in 2008.

  2. Skills not Academic junk
    If you want to get a job, you need a specific skill. Not some junk from some literature class. Although you may appreciate the world more with Shakespeare and Greek mythology, companies want specialized skills that will help expand the business.

    Just make sure your skill doesn’t involve killing people because there are not many job outlets for the profession. It took me a while to learn photography and that’s what I do not now for a living.

    • School ain’t that bad
      I agree to a certain extent with you Mike.

      However, just to let you know, most CEO’s hold liberal arts degrees and that degree seems to be very effective for leadership because it takes a lot more than techinical skills to be a leader. Leaders need to understand people.


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