It is Called the iPhone 5

So yes, the new iPhone is coming out on the 21st of September and it’s called the iPhone 5.


So what makes the iPhone 5 news?

  1. The iPhone 5 is physically different from the iPhones made in the past. ¬†(it’s taller, lighter, and thinner than the rest…the back side is made with anodized aluminum)
  2. It’s actually 4G!
  3. The iPhone 5’s new A6 processor is claimed by apple to be twice as fast than the past iPhones.
  4. Better cameras for both the front and the back-end.
  5. A more intelligent Siri!

What makes the iPhone 5 suck? well kinda…

  1. Can’t use Google Maps… seriously wtf apple !? ¬†Nothing can beat Google Maps.
  2. Won’t have YouTube.
  3. Facebook is built-in to the phone and you can’t erase it?!?!
  4. It’s coming out with a new USB port instead of the standard 30 pin port. So if you want to use your old cables, which I’m sure we have many of laying around, you need to buy an adapter to use them! (extra cash down the drain right there!)
  5. Not as compact anymore and this is probably because of the stronger battery needed to run 4G.
  6. It’s finally using 4G but but does 4G really makes that much of a difference?

It’s coming out in 8 days. Why not buy one?

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