More shipping options for GoPro?

Yeah I hear all the complaints from GoPro fans who don’t reside within the US. I’m currently in Japan right now and I shit my pants when I saw the shipping costs to send one camera.

Fedex is the only shipping carrier for GoPro and they charge a crazy 80 dollars. It’s better to buy two cameras because then, your shipping is bumped up to 90 bucks for two instead of $80 for one.. See the GoPro site for your self!

I recommend buying two to save on the shipping but if you can’t afford it, try getting a friend who also wants to get a GoPro to buy another camera with you so both of you can split the cost of the shipping and save some cash.

But dang… WTF, is up with the shipping? DHL, UPS, and EMS are other reliable options I hope GoPro adds to their shipping policy because Fedex charges too much. This is worse than paying import taxes! When I was in Guam, GoPro only charged 10 bucks for shipping because Guam bears the American flag and is considered domestic with the USPS. It took about a week and half for it to arrive but for ten bucks, it’s worth the wait.

If anybody from GoPro is reading this I just want to offer some suggestions because I know you guys are cool and open-minded!  Try using a cheaper mail carrier. If you do that, more people from foreign countries would be buying the GoPro straight from your site.

You kill two birds with one stone… 1. You make many GoPro customers happy. 2. You sell more and make more dough!

The HD video community would truly appreciate it!
wtfI could buy an LCD BacPac for that amount of money! LOL

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