Never Judge Appearances

Great social case study depicting a homeless man in need of immediate help compared to a well-dressed man needing help. The lesson here to learn is to Never Judge Appearances; it’s bad for humanity as a whole!

This bothers me that people are more willing to help the well-dressed person. I really hate to say it but this IS THE REALITY we live in most places (esp. the rich materialistic places).

The youtube video above is an example of society’s actions towards the poor!!! Some people will argue that this just is the bystander effect but no; It’s clear that people don’t want to go near a person whose appearance is not neat.

The people who need the most help are the ones that don’t get help. The people who can get help through their own means (money), can get it easily.

Remember, I’m not saying to help every homeless person out there.  If they cry for help are in pain, I will call an ambulance or some kind of help.

The reason why I will not approach every person is safety.


There are scenarios where criminals scam victims by looking needy such as people getting jacked to help someone with a broken car.

Always be careful and always play it smart. Just never judge a book by its cover.

Just a note: I love to dress up in a business suit when the time calls. However, for me to really know understand people I just met intentions are, I purposefully don’t bother dressing up.

It’s the easiest way for me to see their unconscious reaction towards my appearance. Their reaction towards how I appear (irregardless of how I act or talk) is an easy indicator for me to tell whether a person is warmhearted or not (an asshole). You won’t believe how many random people I meet here in Japan are assholes.

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