A defective GoPro Hero 2 (update)

This is an update to a post I made earlier about a GoPro Hero 2 that would freeze up during photo mode. Apparently, it’s not the brand of the SD card but the camera itself. Read  my previous post about strange problems I am having with GoPro Hero 2.

SD Card Brand Doesn’t Matter!

GoPro support advised me to test my camera with a Sandisk card. The advice would seem strange to me because I’ve been using my Transcend without a problem for all my other GoPro cameras.  Anyways I bought a Sandisk Class 10 32 GB card and it still freezes in photo mode! I had high hopes that this will fix this strange problem on my HD camera. But it’s not the card to blame for all the problems, it’s actually the camera that’s the problem!!!! Check out the video below.

What I’m Going to Do

I will be returning the defective camera to GoPro for a replacement to honor the 1 year warranty they have for all their products. Although I feel enlightened that the transcend brand works perfectly okay on the GoPro Hero 2 I feel really unlucky to have this defect on a Hero 2.

All I have to say is that there is nothing wrong with using the Transcend brand and I will continue using Transcend Class 10 Sd cards.

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3 thoughts on “A defective GoPro Hero 2 (update)”

  1. mr
    Hey, I’m having exactly the same problems with my Hero 2 camera. Purple lines across the images and camera freezes on shut down. Did you get your camera replaced? What was the problem?

    • Problem
      Thanks for the comment.

      The exact problem was never pinpointed. However, I would assume that it was a manufacturing defect that some GoPro2 users have experienced over the past months.

      After experiencing the problem, I got my camera replaced under warranty and the new one works like a charm.

      Good stuff.


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