A nice, serious picture taking camera

A dialogue with a friend a few days ago:

Friend: What’s the mother of all cameras? You know the the real deal.

Me: If you want the real deal… learn how to shoot first. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer using the camera.
Some people think that if they buy an expensive camera they can take beautiful pictures but most oftnely take crappy pictures. It’s not the camera. It’s the person behind it!

I’ve seen some really awesome photos taken with a point and shoot and some really bad ones with the best dslrs they have for pros.

But anyways, since a friend asked… as a Canon person, I recommend a Canon 60D or a 7D or the EOSM point and shoot.
To my opinion, you can buy any kind of camera dslr nowadays. Most dslrs (Canon, Nikon, Sony) are really good and all have HD video capabilities. I’d buy a decent body even a dslr for beginner and invest more on really good lens.

But to be honest, the final line is the skill of photographer.

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