Buying a GoPro from Japan

If you’re going to buy a GoPro from Japan or abroad, I’d definitely recommend you buy from the GoPro Site and buy more than one camera just to get the most out of the shipping fees.

GoPro HD Cam
Most of us only need one camera so get a friend or (some friends) and split the shipping costs! I just did it and it was definitely a steal given the purchasing power of the yen. Shipping fees for buying one GoPro costs about $89.00. Shipping costs for 2 costs $98.52. Do the math. You save some cash!

The Problem

I looked around everywhere and for some reason buying a GoPro in Japan is outrageously expensive. If you buy from  a retail shop, the prices range from 31,000 yen to 40,000 yen. If you convert that to US dollars, that’s around $350 +. I don’t know why the rip-off… I thought it would be the opposite considering that the yen is pretty strong.

The Answer

So I figured, since I currently reside in Japan, why not buy a GoPro straight from the official site in the states. The shipping was a bit of a deterrence but one of my good friends said she wanted to jump in the bandwagon and split the shipping fees. Perfect! The deal just got better.

Check out my proof of purchase below. $733.48. (The shipping of $98.52 was indeed a bitch but splitting the cost with a friend when bought with the yen is 56151 yen!) That’s a steal to me!

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proof of purchase

How it went?

  1. My friend and I both saved about 8,000 yen in cash (shipping included).
  2. My order came in within a week!
  3. No risk… GoPro has a 30 day money back guarantee! If you’re not happy within 30 days of receiving the gopro, just return it! I’m not returning mine!

No one knows how long the yen will stay in the 70s zone. It is hurting the Japanese export economy but for importers and buyers alike.. it’s definitely a plus!

You guys in the states got it easy with the 10 dollar priorty mail!!!

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