Another big earthquake in Japan?

It seems that many people I meet are expecting another big earthquake to hit Japan soon! Some people that I’ve met here (Japan) have actually talked about something big going to strike. I really can’t blame them for worrying too much. Recently, there have been many small earthquakes that feel a bit different from the usual ones. However, I’m writing this blog because I want share something interesting that a friend, which I find very freaky yet amusing…


So a couple of days ago, I had tea with a really good friend of mine and during our little tea treat, she mentioned that one of her friend’s friend has a child who has a 6th sense for sensing disaster. Now this is the kind of shit that makes me want to laugh like a maniac!

To be polite, I just shut up and listened.

What my friend was telling me was actually pretty interesting because according to her, a couple of weeks before the big earthquake hit Japan on March 11*, her friend’s friend’s kid was chantingĀ  numbers 3 1 1 and a word in Japanese… meaning shake. Supposedly now, this kid is chanting numbers 1 2 8 andĀ  a word “dokkan” meaning explode. I have no clue what would explode in Japan but my friend immediately jumped in and said that she thinks that Mt. Fuji is going to erupt on the 1/28 . Again, I wanted to laugh because I’m more of man of science that uses science to explain things so I don’t really believe in superstition. If you wish, wait and seeif that kid could be predicting a major volcanic explosion to happen on 1/28… I ain’t holding my breath!


Mt. Fuji is interesting because not only is it Japan’s highest natural landmark, it’s not an extinct volcano. It’s last eruption was about 400 years ago which is pretty much a blink of an eye in geological terms. As of now many “experts” say, that Mt. Fuji is sleeping right now.

* For those of you who don’t know, the big earthquake that I’m talking about is the earthquake that struck on 3/11/2011 that triggered up to 30 meter tsunamis that killed approximately 20,000 people and caused the world’s worst nuclear tragedy since Chernobyl.

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  1. Precursors?
    So it’s the 28th… It was kind of a crazy morning with some moderately strong earthquakes. The funky part was that they happened around the Mt. Fuji area. WTF? Seriously!

    To clarify further… I thought this article might be of interest.



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