Aroma Therapy Salon in Japan?

A couple of girlfriends in Japan love the whole aroma therapy salon procedures in Japan. I never really had any interest in aroma therapy or whole oil healing “stuff” but I was actually surprised after a friend of mine introduced me to a very good place that specializes in Aroma therapy and the usage of natural healing oils to refresh the body and mind. It is called Poiget aroma therapy.

The owner of the place runs it solely on her own. She has been specializing in this type of therapy for over 10 years. Not only this, she is a guest lecturer at many schools and hospitals. You can see more of her activities on her aroma therapy blog. Such awesome credentials should not be taken lightly as there are many others like her who cannot achieve the same level.

She runs a variety of therapy services that I’m not too familiar with (unfortunately). I went for the basic aroma therapy that consisted of some oils and an aroma of my choice. But the ones that rang my ear while going through her website were raindrop, golden drop, reiki, spine alignment, and so on. Check out the links provided or her youtube.

Personally, I think she is very cute. After a few conversations she seems to be a very determined masseur and businesswoman. I would like to add that say she’s seen the ins and outs of the aroma therapy salon business for quite some time so she knows how to handle her own, which is an admiring trait.

I like to add that her aroma therapy salon called Poiget is situated in the beautiful city of Fukuoka and she occasionally provides her services and educational aroma therapy seminars in Tokyo. Please remember that poiget is strictly an aroma therapy salon and nothing else. If you’re looking for something else, than I suggest you go to a red light district as poiget is not one of them.

Primarily for Women?

More importantly, I must mention that the only catch about her aroma services is that it is primarily only for women. Some male clients do exist but they are referred to or invited through an existing female client. Everyone must be able to communicate and be able to comprehend some Japanese.

Sleeping in 5 minutes of a 1 hour massage!!!

As shy as I was, when she started working on her massage on me, it felt soooooo good I went to sleep around five to ten minutes after. It must have been the smell of the aroma and the way she massaged my neck, spine, shoulders, and head. I was told by my friends that I was snoring and that it was such a waste to sleep at a massage. However so, I felt like I was born again when I woke up!!!

I actually consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity as I never experienced such a massage in Japan that really relaxes your mind and body. I just really can’t compliment enough how professional the masseur at Poiget was! Maybe it was just me but her place was immaculately clean and pretty. My friends say that if I went to a low quality salon, I’d be grossed out with how unclean they are compared to Poiget!

Comparison to other Aroma Therapy Salons

I would like to note that even if there are some great aroma salon establishments, there will always be the low quality types that work just to get the quick buck that will utilize almost any sleazy marketing gimmick to get you in the door. I recommend that you should stay away from these tyes. It is most likely that the place is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Many of these low quality types are usually situated right next to a train station or are located very close that will take less than a minute walk away. Furthermore, these salons focus on getting the money through volume (quantity) and not by focusing via quality.  Most are run by former workers of the red light industry that know how to talk and seduce…hey… seduction is a form of marketing.

It’s all about Quality and not Quantity!

Focusing on quantity may be a very profitable short-term business strategy but could contain a variable of risks both financially and sanitary that could be dangerous to the health of their patrons. So many are not surprised why they have a high number of new customers but a very low number repeat customers.

World class service through word of mouth

In contrast, there are others that only market their services through a website and word of mouth. I have to say that word of mouth and a simple straightforward website is enough for many of these professional aroma salons to flourish. I guess they don’t need to show off because they know they got’em.  According to my friends, I went to the one that offers the world class services and my friends have  that knows its stuff. I don’t think I would have known about Poiget if it wasn’t for my friends

For more information about Poiget, vist her site at

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