Google Apps free no longer available

I remember the days when Google app first started and each free Google app account had a maximum of 50 users. At the time, I thought that was really awesome for Google to be offering small businesses a tip top email solution for their business.


Then some time last year in September of 2011, Google drop that number to only 10 users for the free version. Today, the free version no longer exists. The reason… so that Google can focus on providing for their premium version of Google apps. It’s either Google is getting serious with their services or they’re getting a bit tight. I don’t think its the latter because lately, there’s been a lot of people using Google apps for free in which most of them quickly outgrew the basic services Google apps free offered.
When I first read the news, I thought, I had to start paying for my app account which I have been pondering about upgrading over the past few months whileonsidering that I use Google apps dearly everyday on my computers and smartphones, I really think it is worth the upgrade. However, the good news is, that Google Apps free will remain free for those who have been using it on or before 12/06/2012.  So for those who had Google app accounts before today, there’s nothing to worry about. What’s cooler than having your own email address ([email protected]) using Google’s mail system and for free!

For those who want to start using Google apps premium service, there will be a charge of $50/ user for a year… yeah it takes some bills from the wallet but that’s extremely cheap considering the amount of benefits you can get for your business from this amazing service. Plus with Google Drive’s 10 GB online storage service that is seemingly kicking Dropbox’s ass at the moment, I think we will witness and experience an integration of our emails in conjunction to Google Drive that will progress to an even better service that we have never seen before. All that for 50 bucks a year??? Damn!

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