GoPro Delays Wifi Bacpac to Summer 2012

It’s clear that the long anticipated wifi-bacpac has been delayed again!

This time, it wasn’t me who checked but a commentator on this site (Dave) who informed me about the new delay. Dave said, “I just checked the website and now it says Summer 2012.”  I had to see it to believe it and it’s no joke!!! The new release date is Summer, 2012!

Here’s a new screenshot from GoPro to prove it!

Delay until summer of 2012

It is clear that GoPro is not yet ready to release this product and these reasons might explain why there has been so many delays with the wifi-bacpac.

The series of delays have become a bit intriguing ranging from February 2012 and I would have to say that our safest bet now is to wait until the end of August.

I just really hope they don’t pull another delay and announce “Available for Fall 2012”. We as fans can’t wait forever but this little GoPro device is very promising and hopefully worth the loooooong ass wait!!!

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