GoPro Hero 3 Release Date

It’s all rumor right now but when officially announced, the release of the GoPro Hero 3 will show how GoPro is determined to show their rivals that they are the king for making the most versatile and wearable HD cameras in the world.

(Update 10/17/2012:
 The  Gopro 3 just announced and released officially TODAY!!!  It is lighter, faster, sharper, and better than the Hero 2! Best of all, it is available NOW!) 

Click here for a comparison between the Hero 3, Hero 2, and Sony’s HDR-AS15

For all those interested, here are the best Features of the GoPro HERO 3 !

The GoPro 3 is rumored to be coming some time this year (probably the end of October)
and what makes the GoPro Hero 3 different from the past models is that it will be coming with built-in wifi and 120fps at 720p producing super slow motion in HD. In addition, the camera will be half the size of the GoPro Hero 2 and1.  This is definitely a response to
Sony’s HDR-AS15 but lets see if this is actually true!

Check out the comparison chart between the Hero 3, the Hero 2, and the HDR-AS15 here!!!

The official announcment will be out on the 17th of October at midnight (Pacific Time) so stay tuned and follow me via the social links at the very right side of this page!

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3 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 3 Release Date”

  1. delays possible?
    GoPro came out with the Hero 2 exactly one year ago in late October.

    There has been speculation with Gopro building the Hero 3 but I’m not so sure that it will be ready by the end of this month so there could be delays as seen with the wifi-bacpac.

    As you mentioned in your other blogs, the GoPro has already proven itself to many professionals so I don’t really think that they will have any problems . But the idea that the new GoPro 3 will have built-in wifi is just awesome!


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