Oral Sex Will Give you Throat Cancer?

Michael Douglas the star of Wall Street stated that cunnilingus (the practice of oral sex) caused his throat cancer. I must admit that takes guts to mention but appreciate the helpful advice!


The famous actor revealed that the HPV virus, an STD that is known to cause cervical cancer among women is not invincible to men. The HPV virus can cause oral cancer to both men and women. However it is quite rare to hear a significant figure mention that oral sex caused his cancer bout.    Thanks Gordon Gecko… I think you just saved millions of people out there who enjoy giving oral sex.

Benefit for Pharmaceutical Companies?

No doubt that pharmaceutical companies that make the HPV vaccines are now getting the marketing and attention they need to get their products out to vaccinate young children from the HPV virus.

Just thinking about all this, this is what I call power and influence. A famous actor simply states that he got cancer from eating pussy and this causes more awareness about HPV and safer practice among sexually active people. Thank you once again.

But then again, from an evolutionary standpoint, the art of cunnilingus could be beneficial for reproduction as stated in this interesting article.

Here’s another article were eating some muff is a strategy for mate retention. Oral Sex Prevents Female Infidelity

To everyone out there. It’s always great to have fun but just get checked and be safe. $25 off STD Testing – Local Testing with STD Test Express . It’s worth the checkup and you can do it online!

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