It’s finally here! The GoPro WiFi-Bacpac is out!

After several months of intense waiting, the GoPro Wifi-BacPac is available!!!!

For the price of one Benjamin (or $99.99 USD), we now have the ability to control our GoPro camera / cameras from a range of 600 feet through the touch of a button!

What’s even better is that by using a smart phone or a tablet, we can command up to 50 cameras, preview live, and live stream to the web our footage we just captured. I think many GoPro fans and journalists will go crazy for this product!!!

Live Screenshot of GoPro Wifibacpac

There are just two minor problems…

First, due to pending final certification or whatever bullshit that is, the product is not yet out for sale in some countries specifically in Asia. So far, the wifiback is available in the US, Canada, and most countries in Europe. This could have been the main reason why the wifi-bacpac was delayed all these months.

Second, the apps for the tablets and the smart phones are not available yet but will be here soon!

The Best Feature About this Product?

What makes this extension for the GoPro camera so innovative and astonishing is the ability to live stream and control your GoPro camera from a remote location using a mobile device such as an iphone, ipad, or an android. Just remember that you have all these remote functions available on the HD Hero 2 but with the Hero 1, you will only be able to control and not preview live footage.

With the special ability to control and preview live from a mobile device, the creativity to do whatever you want with your GoPro seems almost limitless (or maybe it is)! Just thinking about it, you can use your GoPro in many different ways from complex multiple angle shots, panoramic video, to security surveillance! There is going to be a ton of cutting-edge videos coming out all through this little product! I just really can’t wait to review this product!

GoPro is definitely on the game with this one and it will be a different filming world from this day on.

For more information about GoPro and it’s other awesome products, check out the official GoPro website!
Just beware, the site’s been slow lately and I think it’s because of the sudden stream of fans flocking to the site!!!

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