The most beautiful moth?

This is probably the most beautiful moth I have ever seen in my life… but I can’t identify it!!!

I was traveling up in the northern area of Ibaraki prefecture in Japan today  and I encountered a beautiful white moth with red legs. In addition to the unique colors, it also had two symetrical “eye spots” on its wing and back.

In my entire life, I have never seen a moth like but have to say that it’s one of the most admirable moths I’ve ever seen.

Name of the moth?

I tried to identify it but couldn’t find any valid references that can give me a name to this moth. What is it?
(Update as of 06/06/2012 . The moth pictured below is a Japanese luna moth aka in Japanese as Oomizuao “オオミズアオ”)
The identification courtesy of “fcmosher” who commented below. Thank you!

Here are some photographs of this white moth with red legs

What makes this moth so unique to me is that it has a red stripe that stretches along its back and it’s relatively large. Also, as mentioned earlier, it has 2 symetrical eye spots on its wing and back. I still can’t figure what kind of moth it is. Do you know what it is?

Here is a body shot of the moth that is resting on a gate post.

Whole body shot of moth

and another shot…

white and red moth

Here is a macro shot taken of the moth’s back and head.

back shot of white and red mothA shot of the moth of its right side.

right side of moth photographAnd of its left…

left side photograph of mothBut the question still lingers in my head…. what kind of moth is it???
(Moth has been identified as of 06/06/2012… it’s a Japanese Luna Moth and here’s a closely related wiki of the moth. )


Here are the measurements of the moth taken with a pocket ruler..

Wing Span: 10 cm
Head to tail: 6 cm
Chest to Back: 1.2 cm

The moth was a huge one but it was also very beautiful to my opinion. In addition,  the color combination of white and red really gives it a cool slick look that sparks an interest in the study of moths. Damn, I sound like a geek! hahaha… I am.

Anyway, if anyone knows what it is, please feel free to add a comment below. Thank you!

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  1. yes!
    This is a moth closely related to the luna moth, Actias luna, of North America. It is in the family Saturnidae, sometimes called “giant silk moths.”


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