My Site Rankings Suddenly Drop?

It really feels good to know people are out there reading your blogs and I put that on the effort and time  I put to sharing my blogs with everyone. However, I’m not so sure what happened recently because after taking a look at my analytics reports, my traffic has dropped like a rock! What happened?

Keep Blogging

It’s no secret that I’ve been blogging frequently over the past month. I was pretty hooked and addicted to my keyboard as I’ve seen my traffic numbers grow. I also had several interactions with cool people people who share the same admiration and passion for cameras esp. for the GoPro Hero1 and 2 via comments and email. But now, it seems like that traffic is gone!

It just so happens that this all takes place on the day that Google changes their privacy policy (3/01/2012), but could that be the reason? I did a little research on the web and looked at all possible reasons on how traffic could suddenly drop. The best site I found explaining a sudden drop was from a site called

The 5 Possible Reasons

1. Backlinks have been devalued? I do have some backlinks but not so sure if they have been devalued. I checked around the main ones that I know of from legitimate sites and my links are still there!

2. A competitor has gotten an edge? I really thought that this could have been the main reason to my traffic demise but if this was so, my rankings should have dropped by a few notches. My rankings have dropped by several pages!!!

3. Update in Google search algorithms? Okay this could be it. I was doing so well over the past months but overnight, it’s all gone… I really think that’s me right there. I’ll need a couple more days if not weeks to confirm this. But if this is really the case, I think I got to work harder than before and adapt to the new algorithm changes!

4. Site Structure? If I ever make changes to the links on my site, I always make sure I do a 301 redirect to keep the link active. What this does is that it keeps the old link alive with the new. It’s a must if your links change to keep your search rankings.

5. Penalized by Google? This could be hell. But if I was penalized, I should have gotten some kind of warning from Google right? Also, according to seochat, my site would totally be off their index but it’s not.

The Verdict

To me, I think its the change in algorithms that cause my site to drop dead. If this is the case then damn! There must be something that Google doesn’t like about my site. But what is it???

Whatever the case,  as a breathing living organism, it’s in my instinct to adapt and so I will.

I’ll be thinking of ways to get back on track and this will be quite educational. Since this is my blog,  I’ll share my journey through the unknown of seo with you. All I got to say is that life is like a wave. Ups and downs… The good thing about the downs is that I’m more eager to learn more about SEO than ever before!

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