Review of the GoPro LCD BacPac

I’ve been using the LCD BacPac for almost 6 months now and here are the good and the bad attributes that I’d like to share with you about using it with my GoPro Hero Camera!

Things I like about the GoPro LCD BacPac.

  1. Great for letting you know you got the shot you need on location. Even better when that location is a bit extreme.
  2. Convenient for angle adjustments inside a cockpit, car, or wherever you need.
  3. It’s got speakers!
  4. A clear screen for a small LCD. (it can’t compare to the iphone’s retina display but it gets the job done!)
  5. You have better visual menu controls.
  6. It can be used for both the GoPro Hero 1 and 2.
  7. Not bad for the reasonable price it’s selling for.
  8. Great for handheld HD video for on-the-spot interviews with people, fun with family/friends, and etc!!! (Actually this is one of my best reasons to get the LCD BacPac)

LCD BacPac  testing it on my dog

Things I don’t like about the GoPro LCD BacPac.

  1. It eats the battery up fast. (I have not officially timed my gopro battery life when used with the bacpac but it feels like it cuts the battery life in half! But of course, you can turn the LCD off if you don’t need it on.)
  2. Is the bacpac really necessary? Because the GoPro is a wide angle viewing camera, you can get almost everything you need by just pointing the gopro at the direction you want. So to me, it’s not that much of a necessity.
  3. The LCD is difficult to see in bright light conditions! It really sucks when using it on a sunny day at the beach!
  4. The bacpac seems vulnerable to shock from high drops and other high impact activities. The screen is glass so it has the possibility of cracking if dropped. For extreme sports, I prefer not to use the BacPac.
  5. The bulk of adding the bacpac with the housing makes the movement on the GoPro on its mount limited. The slight bulk also makes it uncomfortable to wear.


The Bottom Line:

Overall, the GoPro LCD BacPac is a must for professionals filmmakers. I really recommend it because It’s indispensable on-location filming that allows you to see what you are shooting. From my personal experience, it was very valuable because it allowed me to correct angle positions and orient my position for shots when needed.

For the athlete (amateur or pro) , I don’t think you’ll ever use the bacpac if you wear the GoPro camera most of the time. It adds a bit of bulk and not advisable if you’re thinking of getting smashed on to wall! By the way, I got mine wet during a dive but it still works after taking some damage control measures.

For others, who just like filming in general, I think it be convenient to have. I thought it was great when used for handheld filming of family and friends at an outdoor barbecue during the sunset hours!

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