The New Canon flagship camera EOS 1DX


With an estimated price of $6,500 ~ $7,000, the new pro camera Canon 1D X has the features that could be worth the money and it could be the best dslr camera to date. This is why!

Sample shots from the EF 50mm 18

Curb Moss

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There are a lot of expensive lenses out there. From the prime Ef 85mm F1.2 IS II USM that costs around $2,300 to the heavy EF 800mm F5.6 that cost around $14,000 dollars. It’s a no-brainer why photography can be an expensive hobby or a profession that usually starts many pros with a low profit margin! However, pro or amateur, one of the lenses that I highly recommend is the EF Canon 50mm F1.8 Mark 2.  This IQ (image quality) of this lens is just amazingly clean and sharp producing amazingly great images for less than a hundred bucks!