Timelapse Video used with a GoPro

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Using a Canon dslr and a GoPro camera, I was able to make a simple time-lapse from my home in Guam. Tell me what you think.

Review of the GoPro HD Helmet Hero


GoPro HD Cam

Hands down, the little camera from GoPro has proven its performance, quality, and durability despite its size and unbelievable low price for a HD camera. The HD video camera itself is really small but the little badboy can capture sharp, clear, wide-angled and high definition footage.

As the camera comes with a series of mounts, the 200 feet water-proof housing is easily mountable to almost any surface such as your bike, car, motorcycle, airplane and even your head, giving your audience a pretty cool point-of-view. To my opinion, there is no other way to safely and conveniently record your adventures in HD!