Timelapse Video used with a GoPro

Using a Canon dslr and a GoPro camera, I was able to make a simple time-lapse from my home in Guam. Tell me what you think.

Time-lapse is a technique in cinematography where photographs are played all together in a very short time (each frame runs for about 0.05 seconds). Similar to hand-written animation, the whole process is time consuming for small amounts of footage. For example, for only about 5 seconds of footage, it took approximately 45 minutes of constant shooting.

Most of the footage you see above was taken at 6 frames per minute using a remote timer both external and built-in. Although this is just a test, I am quite amazed with the GoPro camera’s capability with time-lapse. You can mount the camera on a tree, conceal it, and forget about it even if it rains! I can’t possibly do that with an expensive full-frame dslr. However, dslr cameras has it’s advantages such as manual exposure controls, esp for techinical creative shooting, and the use of high-grade lenses such as the EF 16-35L F2.8.

For a pro shoot, I think I will go all out with a dslr but even if I was unable to take any shots in low-light scenarios, the gopro camera can be amazingly very handy in these types of cinematography. One thing for sure, the GoPro saves the shutter life on my dslr cameras considering most dslrs have a shutter life of about 150,000 to 200,000 shots.

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