GoPro and Canon Lens used on Cessna in Flying Guam

Aerial filming does have its challenges but not so when using the GoPro.(Click here to read more)

My partner and assistant used a variety of gear for this job. A 5D Mark 2 Canon dslr, a 7D Canon dslr, and 2 gopro cameras for exterior and wide interior shooting of the cockpit. We used a the H4n audio recorder for an extra tutorial vid, which is exclusive for flight studends only. For smooth filming, we used several rigged mounting platforms and a very good tripod. I must say, gorilla duct tape does come in handy for these kind of shoots!

An FYI, my client does not wish me to post the tutorial video we made for his company online but I will post the complimentary commercial video that I made as a little “thank you for being such a badass client”! Complimentary because he’s been a long time client of Kumidia Web Marketing. You can check out his site at

Although the commercial is still in it’s beta phase, I hope you enjoy! I will notify all followers once the official version has been completed.

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