The GoPro Hero 3 Plus

It isn’t called the Hero 4. It’s called the Hero 3 Plus!
What makes the new GoPro camera better than the Hero 3 is that it’s smaller, lighter, sharper, and the most importantly, the battery last longer!

Here are the top new improvements!

  1. The housing is a fifth smaller than the Hero 3. This allows you to film even in the tightest places.
  2. A third of the distortion has been removed from the wide angle view allowing normal dimensional view of subjects.
  3. Faster Wifi speed!
  4. 25% more battery life than the last Hero 3.

Remember that the Hero 3+ and Hero 3 have the same resolution. Both cameras can film up to 4K and both still use the 6 element aspherical lens for better balanced light and extreme high quality video! Dude… Just Go Pro already!!!

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