Two Things a Computer Does

Computers today serve a lot of functions, yet most people forget that they do what they do because someone skillful programmed the computer. Computers have definitely changed our lives and produced information far beyond imaginable several decades ago. Today, we have the internet, realistic video games, social media, and etc.


It’s interesting but they are all programs and algorithms created by skilled coders.

Not many people will know but a computer does just two things…They are:

  1. Calculate
  2. Memorize results from the calculation.

Period. When the popularity of using computers began to grow,  most were made for a specific purpose (like decoding the Enigma used by German U-boats). Back then, the computer didn’t even have a monitor, it was all lines of codes that would be senseless to anyone unfamiliar with the language. Fortunately, we have GUI (graphic user interfaces) that allows users of any level to see and play with a computer.

It’s just amazes me how far we’ve gotten with technology that only does two things. Now the challenge is, will most of the world be able to skillfully tell a computer what we want it to do? Or will the computer control who we are?

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