Who will be more successful?

I saw this pic on the web and had to share it here. The image depicts inequality in a third world nation. I believe this is in the Philippines. Here, two kids in uniforms with shoes walking to school, while the rest are walking the opposite direction probably to a city to sell things; note that they are barefoot.


So who do think will be more successful?

The kids going to school or the kids not going to school?

Most will say the kids going to school, no? It will depend on how you define successful but honestly, I am more inspired by the kids living off the streets because they are learning the skills to survive and hopefully one day flourish out of poverty!

Right now, the kids going off to school are learning how to write, read, and count. Those are very important skills. However, the kids not going to school are learning more than that for the purpose of making income for their families. It definitely might not seem much right now but there is more motivation for the latter and if you think about it they are probably already battle-hardened businessmen (business-people).

Going to school doesn’t guarantee success later on in life. Going to college doesn’t guarantee jack as well. What separates the successful people and the losers is not how had they worked but more of how smart they worked while focusing on what is important.

So how do you become successful? You get as much experiences as you can. The harsher, the better.

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